Avoid Hair Nightmares with the Right Summer Style!

Wolflin Summer Hairstyles

Summer temperatures can cause harrowing hair troubles, making it harder for us to manage our manes – and keep our cool. For less stress on your tresses (and on yourself!), you can always spend a day at Wolflin Village and book an appointment at any of these fine haircare establishments – Braxton Paul Salon, Great Clips and Sport Clips Haircuts.

But before you do that, you may want to take note of styles that are perfect for weathering the summer sizzle:

Pretty Pixies and Unique Undercuts

The idea of chopping inches off one’s locks can be intimidating – but it can also be quite liberating. Pixie cuts have been making the list of hairstyle trends for a time now, while undercuts with unique designs are steadily becoming a popular look. The latter may be too adventurous for some of you, but it will definitely let you enjoy summer breezes all the more!

Bobs and Blunt Cuts

If pixies and undercuts are too extreme for you, then consider getting something less drastic, like a bob cut or one-length blunts cuts. They frame your face neatly and easy to maintain. Wash-and-wear styles like this don’t take too much time to fix, so you can plan your summer itinerary without worry. Plus, if the day at the beach gets too hot, you can always do a quick half-pony.

Low Ponies and High Buns

Simple trims are also a great alternative for those who aren’t too keen on going short for summer. You can ask your favorite stylist at your preferred salon in Wolflin Village to create sassy layers – without going overboard with the scissors! Like bobs and blunt cuts, you are left with the option to tie your hair back. Try a low, stylized pony or braid, or pile it all on top in a cute bun.

Choosing the right style this summer can spare you from unnecessary hair nightmares. Let the salon professionals help you through the process. Afterwards, stop by your other favorite shops to score summer deals at Wolflin Village!