Be a Savvy Shopper this Summer!


When summer comes around, so will sizzling-hot sales and fiery fashion finds. We expect exciting deals to hit the boutiques and specialty stores in Wolflin Village soon, but how prepared are you to take on all the shopping – and savings – fun?

We’ve compiled some helpful tips for anyone who wants to be a super savvy shopper this Summer:

Go for versatile accessories

Shades, caps, wide-brimmed hats, and thin gold bangles are some of the go-to pieces during the summer sales rush – and for good reason. These accessories can be thrown in any summer ensemble, may it be a casual day outside, a trip to the beach or a fun date. Plus, they always seem to be in fashion, which means they are wearable during other times of the year (although you may want to add extra layers during winter). Purpose + Passion has a pretty great selection. Plus, every purchase you make helps the store support some worthy social causes, so not only are you staying in style, you’re also contributing to a greater cause.

If the shoe fits – try a bigger size

Heat makes our feet expand, more so in the summer. When you go shoe shopping, look for footwear that’s either a half-size or one full size bigger, depending on the material. Some stretch out more over time (like leather and canvas) while some do not have much give (like plastic). At the end of the day, though, comfort should still be your top priority. We wouldn’t you want to tire out your feet in the middle of a shopping spree!

Choose breathable fabrics

Stay cool as a cucumber this summer, whatever you choose to wear. All you have to do is look for fabrics that allow for air to move through freely, and have a more lightweight feel. As you go through the racks, pick out shirts, dresses and other garments made of cotton, chambray and rayon for maximum breathability. Best to go with lighter colors, too, as darker shades are known to absorb more heat. J. Winston carries a number of fashionable women’s clothing brands that are definitely worth a look!

Keep hydrated

This tip isn’t necessarily about what to keep an eye on during summer sales, but we assure you it’s just as important. Temperatures during summer can shoot up, and when we’re caught up in a shopping frenzy, we can easily work up a sweat. Be sure to drink plenty of water before you head out and enjoy the bargains that Wolflin Village stores have to celebrate Summer.

Making the most out of your Summer shopping can be fun and worthwhile. Follow the Wolflin Village Facebook Page to get the latest updates on store specials, and sign up for our mailing list to be the first to know about exclusive promos!