Find Gifts that Make the Season Bright During the 12 Gifts of Christmas at Wolflin Village



Sleigh bells are ringing – but are you done with your holiday shopping? Wolflin Village establishments carry a diverse array of goods just waiting to be wrapped and gifted to your family and friends this Christmas!

Here are a few recommendations to get you started:

Spectacular Stocking Stuffers

There’s nothing like the sight of overstuffed stockings to have your loved ones jumping for holiday joy. Candies and peppermint canes are the usual favorites, but try changing it up with a surprise item or two. Sneak in trinkets like hair ties and keychains, or – for an even more unconventional twist – trendy pieces like phone cases and phone rings. Another novel gift idea to consider is a gift certificate. Slip them into the stockings and let the recipient use it as he or she pleases at the store!

Pretty Perfect Presents

We know you love a prettily wrapped present – and more so, one perfectly picked! For fashion enthusiasts, you can’t go wrong with gifting a stylish yet practical clothing item that can either be seasonal or wearable all year long. You might also have people on your gift list who you know to be dedicated pet owners. Take them to get their dogs pampered at Diamond in the Ruff – and, while you’re at it, enjoy a pampering session of your own at any of the fine salons at Wolflin Village.

Cheerful Christmas Confection

Everybody has a sweet tooth! A box of cookies or cake – or any lip-smacking sweets, for that matter – is sure to be a holiday hit, especially if they burst with familiar flavors of the season. Pair them with a bag of coffee beans, specialty teas or some good old-fashioned hot chocolate for a more elaborate – and decadent – gift.

There are many other wonderful gift ideas to explore, but at the end of the day, it’s truly the thought that counts. You can go big or go simple – both are great when done with sincerity and love. We hope the gifts you’ll find at Wolflin Village (especially those based on our 12 Days of Christmas recommendations, which will be unveiled soon!) will add more merriment and meaning to your holiday celebration this season.