Get Some Great Grub on the Go, Head to Wolflin Village!

Wolflin Village is known for stores that cater to your every whim – and taste! We have a great selection of restaurants that can come to your rescue when the hunger pangs start, even when you have a tight schedule to keep.  

Here’s where to go for a quick bite or tasty takeaway:  

Speedy Sandwiches  

For anyone with a busy day, sandwiches are favorable tummy fillers. They don’t take too much time to make, and if you’ve got the basic ingredients – bread, leftover cold cuts, leafy greens and condiments – you’re spared the gastronomic grumblings.  

You have the option to skip the mess in the kitchen, though, especially if you live in Amarillo! Just go to Jason’s Deli or Jersey Mike’s Subs at Wolflin Village. Jason’s Deli is a family-owned establishment known for its wide variety of delicious deli delights, while Jersey Mike’s Subs are famous for their mouthwatering cold and hot subs.  

Big Burgers and Hefty Hotdogs 

There’s nothing like juicy, freshly-grilled burgers and hotdogs to tease your taste buds while ticking items off your to-do list. Head to Five Guys and create your own burger or hotdog masterpiece. You can put as many free toppings as you like, and throw in a side of fries, which comes in two variants – Five Guys Style and Cajun Style!  

Dessert Dash  

For people with a sweet tooth, the right dessert can hit the spot and provide a much needed boost for the day. Nothing Bundt Cakes offers beautifully decorated bundt cakes that come in different designs and sizes — and their dainty bite-sized bundtinis are highly recommended! There’s also Cold Stone Creamery and Purple Flamingo Popsicles for those who prefer something cold and handy. Apart from aromatic brews and teas, Starbucks in Wolflin Village also serves scrumptious cakes, pastries and muffins to munch on. 

At Wolflin Village, there is no shortage of fantastic food – and fun fashion finds. You will definitely want to explore all that this premier shopping destination in the Texas Panhandle has to offer. See you there!